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Right back in June I took a trip into London to attend the Bloggers Ball organised by Scarlett London. There was a large range of brands there, one of them being Vatika Naturals, they offer a large range of natural hair products for all different hair types, made with a large number of different ingredients. 

I had a chat with one of the lovely ladies on their stand to discuss what my hair is like and what sort of pampering it needs to improve it. I told her that I had very damaged hair that is prone to breaking because I had been having it highlighted for about 10 months and it needed some serious moisturising and nourishing. After having our chat the two products that I had picked out for me were the Garlic Enriched Hair Oil and the Argan Conditioner but today's post is about the former.

When I was first handed this product I was a bit taken aback, GARLIC?! I normally have my garlic in bread form, but believe it not this smells nothing like garlic and actually has a really pleasant smell. After looking through the little leaflet I received with my products I found out the best way to use this is before shampooing so I run it through from roots to ends and leave it for about 10 minutes before jumping in the shower and shampooing it out. 

It may seem like a risky move putting it on my roots but surprisingly I just need to make sure it's rinsed out well and it doesn't make my hair greasy at all, in actual fact I've found that I am able to go an extra day between hair washes. I don't know whether this is meant to be one of it's benefits, but it certainly is one for me. Another benefit that I have found since I've started using this oil is that my hair stays straighter for longer, I have very temperamental hair with a mind of it's own so it normally tends not to stay straight for long but with this it stays straight all day and I can even wake up the next day and it'll still be straight.

I think this product is definitely a case of 'don't judge a book by it's cover', if it wasn't for the lovely lady representing the brand, I probably wouldn't have picked this up, especially not if I'd seen it in a shop.

Have you tried anything from Vatika Naturals? What are your favourite products for treating damaged hair? Let me know in the comments.

Sophie xxx


  1. This sounds so good! I suffer with hair that is easily damaged and more on the dry side despite not being colour or using much heat on it! I was totally taken a back about the garlic thing! Might have to see if I can source some myself. Mel x

    1. I know the range has started to be stocked in Superdrug, but I don't know exactly what products x

  2. Haha, my first reaction to this post was 'GARLIC!!!' I'd be so intrigued to try that product, I just can't imagine it! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Trust me, this isn't the sort of garlic oil that you'd want to be cooking with! x

  3. Great post! I was a bit taken aback by the sound of the garlic side of it haha like as you say I've also only known it to be good in bread form but after reading your review it sounds like it's proven great results!

    Also to answer your question too, I just usually tend to use different conditioners on the ends of my hair (not all at the same time though! haha) so its usually either the Aussie or Bumble & Bumble :)


    1. I've never tried anything from Bumble & Bumble, I'll have to take a look x


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