My Running Journey

When I first started my blog, I said that it would mainly be beauty posts and up to this point that is all it has been, until today. As it is becoming quite a big part of my life now, I decided I wanted to share my running journey with you all.

Last July I joined a running club that was started up by a local man who had been looking for a club to join, I managed to start at the club on it's first week which was quite good as everyone was in the same boat and I never had to be the newbie. Joining the running club, I considered myself a beginner, I used to be on the cross country team at school but since then I hadn't really done any running.

Post Christmas Purchases

The days between Christmas and New Year are perfect for picking up lots of bargains in the sales, so I took advantage of this both on the internet and at the shops (while I wasn't consuming by body weight in chocolate or watching every film in my collection). I then thought there was nothing better to do than share with you what I picked up.

#TLSXmas Gift Swap

Since I started blogging I really wanted to get involved with other people to do some form of box or gift swaps, when I saw Katy Gilroy's #TLSXmas gift swap I signed up straight away. Katy paired me up with Megan at Lazy Thoughts so I emailed her right away to introduce myself, it was only when she emailed back that I found out we have spoken in Twitter chats before. We got chatting, agreed on a £15 limit and I got browsing her blog to see what I could buy her.

My present from Megan arrived a few days before Christmas and I just had to open it straight away (kind of with a hope of posting before Christmas, but then as usual I procrastinated too much). As I ripped off the brown paper I revealed this lovely red box that just screams Christmas complete with a lovely wooden tag. 

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